HighJump WMS (previously Accellos One WMS) is cutting edge warehousing software designed to enable customers to automate and align their logistics and warehousing processes.

Combining radio frequency and barcode technology with a robust, three-tiered, internet-based architecture, HighJump delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management system that helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfilment times and increase customer satisfaction.


By utilising barcoding and inventory control functionality, HighJump consistently enables customers to achieve over 99.9% order, inventory and replenishment accuracy.


Download the WMS brochure to learn more about what separates HighJump from the pack. With HighJump WMS, you will benefit from:

  • Complete distribution suite augmented by uniquely flexible configurability
  • Rapid, painless implementations
  • Seamless integrations with leading ERP providers and eCommerce platforms
  • Near-perfect inventory accuracy throughout the warehouse
  • Visibility across the operation that increases order accuracy
  • Lowest total cost of ownership and a quick return on investment
HighJump WMS
Travel Less and Pick Smarter with RF Handheld Technology and Inventory Accuracy
  • Real-time inventory by bin location
  • Efficient bar code enabled receiving processes
  • 20+ bar code supported picking styles for efficient outbound order processing
  • Directed putaway
  • Optional ASN/container receiving automates inbound processes
  • Pick-bin replenishment capabilities ensure that inventory is always available for selection
  • Multi-pack size functionality efficiently allocates the right pack-size according to order quantity
Manage EDI Compliance, New Trading Partners and Label Printing
  • Automates EDI/ASN data collection as part of the outbound order fulfillment process
  • “Hands free” ASN communication with trading partner
  • Automated customer specific label and pack slip printing for EDI and drop ship customers
Cut Costs through Automated, Integrated Shipping
  • Use product dimensions and weight to optionally pre-calculate carton quantity and size on outbound orders (cartonization)
  • Integrates UPS, FedEx, and other carrier specific labels into the outbound order fulfillment process
  • Enforced routing instructions for pre-paid and collect shipments
Manage Your Workforce and Space Proactively with Warehouse Intelligence
  • Employee performance reporting
  • Advanced order management capabilities provide tools for warehouse managers to efficiently orchestrate warehouse processes
Add Competencies to Your Warehousing Operation
  • Integrated quality assurance
  • Lot traceability to meet standards compliance
  • FIFO/LIFO/expiry product rotation
  • Stop physical cycle counts with real-time cycle counting


  • Upon placing the purchase order within the ERP system, the warehouse has immediate visibility of the inbound order, including, line details, quantity, expected arrival and estimated labour requirement.
  • Inbound orders can be received and handled in multiple ways, for example through purchase orders, advanced shipping notifications and container shipping.
  • System driven quality control / quarantine procedures can be put in place for inbound stock, ensuring processes are followed.
  • Properties such as size and weight can be captured on receipt through integrated measurement systems to enable cartonisation and advanced shipping integration. Alternatively size and dimensions can be loaded from the ERP system or your own database.
  • With advanced directed putaway functionality, stock can be located by a variety of criteria – size and dimension, velocity, volume of sales, consolidation with other stock, FIFO or your own individual requirements.
  • Alternatively stock can be immediately picked on receipt using the back to back functionality, preventing unnecessary stock movements.
  • Replenishment can be directed straight from receipt, preventing downtime due to lack of stock.
  • System driven cycle counting and empty bin checks ensure that stock accuracy is maintained, and discrepancies are immediately flagged to a supervisor for approval.
  • Automatic replenishment routines ensure that pick faces remain stocked, and in the event that stock does run out, the hot-replenishment system will direct an employee to refill the location immediately.
  • Production order capability allows users to create new items within the warehouse through a controlled, system-led procedure, immediately updating stock levels as soon as the product is available for shipping.
  • Large reductions in labour costs are regularly seen through the system generated picking waves that can be enabled to following various routines to increase productivity.
  • Through consolidation, the system can determine the minimum box size and quantity required for order, ensuring that packaging and shipping costs remain low, whilst reducing the amount of packing time required.
  • Customer specific labelling can be enabled, providing all the information required, in a format designed for your customer’s specification.
  • User defined packing requirements can be notified to the employee.
  • Allocation of stock is fully customizable, providing control over which stock is allocated to which order.
  • Automated, tried and tested carrier integration with all major distribution partners (UPS, DHL, DPD etc.). Customizable interfaces remove the requirement for the manual import / keying of shipment information.
  • Integration with Metapack allows the search over 400 competing distribution suppliers, to provide you with the best shipping rates on a order by order basis.
  • Immediate notification at point of shipment, keeps your customers up to date with the status of the order.
  • A customizable performance dashboard, provides a snap shot view of status and progress, allowing management the ability to monitor operations throughout the day.
  • Detailed analysis can be performed via a suite of reports, ensuring staff productivity is maintained and allows for labour forecasting.

WMS and ERP Integration

HighJump Warehouse Edge is built for ERP systems; we are committed to ensuring the hassle-free implementation of HighJump into your supply chain solution. 

Integrations with SAP Business One, NetSuite, SAGE (Line 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 and X3) and Microsoft Dynamics (AX, GP and NAV)

  • SAP Business One

    The most comprehensive WMS solution available for SAP Business One since 2003.

  • NetSuite

    Most Advanced WMS available to the NetSuite market. Built for NetSuite certified since 2012.

  • Sage

    The only Sage-endorsed WMS with seamless integrations to Sage 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, X3


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Balloon WMS Services

It can be confusing putting together a functional specification. What do you need? What do you not need? Many technology consultants will offer to write a functional spec for you, but at a cost of sometimes tens of thousands of pounds. That specification or invitation to tender (ITT) can instead be put together for you by a consultancy with a meticulous understanding of technology scoping.

We will fully explore your operations and requirements, deciding which technology aspects you should implement.

The resulting functional spec or scoping document will not only have saved you considerable time, but thanks to our significant experience and expertise, it will also save you thousands.

We will take your chosen WMS setup and customise it to your individual needs, configuring all aspects according to your requirements.

The implementation of your functional specification includes software development, configuration, report writing and data migration. You may choose to take ownership of some of these tasks, such as report writing. But we can provide services to help and assist with this and any other customisation and configuration you need.

During and after implementation, your users will need training so that they can be ready to use their new software immediately. You will also want them to be well-versed in all aspects of the software; there’s no point in implementing sophisticated new functionality if they don’t know how to use it.

Our trainers will design and deliver bespoke courses for your staff. Or we can train a number of superusers – in “train the trainer” sessions – who can in turn train your end users.

It is often useful to revisit training once the system has gone live and when users are more familiar with certain elements of the solution but can also benefit from more enhanced capabilities.

Our UK based support and maintenance services are essentially a reactive provision. We run a well-staffed support desk that provides support via a portal, phone, and email. We can respond to enquiries about your software and you can log tickets if you have issues that you need us to investigate and solve.

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With a degree in Transport and Logistics and over 20 years experience in logistics (8 of which spent in WMS consultancy) , Chris heads up the WMS consulting team.

Chris Marsden

WMS Consultant Manager
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Veronika joined Balloon in 2015 after previously working in a logistics business. Veronika has brought her extensive WMS knowledge to the team and focuses on creating value for customers.

Veronika Simekova

Senior WMS Consultant
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After joining Balloon in 2016, Stewart has experience managing the implementation of HighJump in multiple projects, focusing on timely project realisation.

Stewart Charles

WMS Consultant
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Charlie has a background in support consultancy, supporting both ERP and WMS systems. He has taken this knowledge into the WMS team and is an expert of WMS and ERP integration.

Charlie Austin

WMS Consultant

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