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NetSuite provides you with instant access to your critical business information, when you need it and in real time.  It delivers an in-depth insight to all areas of your organisation, so you can make informed business decisions with confidence. Implemented into more than 40,000 organisations worldwide, NetSuite is your first choice for cloud ERP.

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NetSuite is the world’s most deployed cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, used by more than 40,000 organizations across 160+ countries.

Accounts & Financials

Drive new efficiencies, gain real-time insights and streamline your financial processes with a comprehensive solution that combines robust finance and accounting capabilities with built-in business intelligence that is accessible from any location, at any time.

Order Management

Accelerate the order-to-cash process and eliminate manual bottlenecks by integrating your sales, finance and fulfilment teams with pricing, sales order management and returns management features.

Production Management

Gain real-time visibility into your production process and get your products to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible with product data management, work order management and quality assurance solutions.

Supply Chain Management

Define, execute and support your distribution and supply chain management plans from a single collaborative platform that you can access anywhere, anytime and from any location.


Optimize your procurement process for cost certainty with workflow-driven approval routings and improve the accuracy of procure-to-pay processes by automating and linking key procurement transactions.

Human Capital Management

Maximize the value of your most important resources and minimize management costs by utilizing payroll services, incentive compensation management and employee center features in an integrated, flexible and comprehensive HCM solution.

Customer Relationship Management

In addition to offering traditional CRM capabilities such as SFA, customer service management and marketing automation, NetSuite CRM delivers quotes, order management, commissions, sales forecasting and integrated ecommerce capabilities.

Warehouse Management Integration

Increase your stock visibility, warehouse efficiency and overall operations control through NetSuite’s integration to HighJump WMS.
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As Financial Controller, your challenges and opportunities are increasing. You’re also under pressure to be more strategic. Watch how NetSuite transforms your role, giving you real-time strategic visibility and keen insight into finance and operations with financials and data you can trust.

As a CFO, you make strategic financial decisions that help your organisation thrive and grow. Watch how NetSuite enables you to unleash your full potential and become leader of broader strategic change while managing core business processes enterprise-wide with a comprehensive, real-time view.

As Sales Manager, you help drive competitiveness, revenue and growth. You’re called on to forecast, plan and budget, while setting sales targets and leading your team to meet and exceed them. Watch how NetSuite CRM turns your sales strategy into action.

Today’s customers expect a consistent, personalised and seamless shopping experience regardless of channel or touch point. Watch how NetSuite delivers a “buy anywhere, get anywhere” experience by transforming your business and enabling you to focus on customers, not channels resulting in business efficiency, customer delight and brand loyalty.

As a CIO you have significant potential to add value to the business and are strongly motivated to make a difference. Watch how NetSuite enables you to be strategic in tackling today’s business problems while supporting in future-proofing your business – a future punctuated by both accelerating and disruptive change.

As a Customer Support Representative, you’re the vital link to customer needs, concerns and satisfaction. Watch how NetSuite provides an integrated solution helping you speed case resolution, ensuring customer satisfaction and lowering service costs.

Globalisation, technology advancements, and redefined marketplace priorities are among the many challenges encountered by today’s manufacturers. Watch how NetSuite empowers you, the Operations Manager, in achieving operational excellence, enabling global manufacturing intelligence, and assuring production quality.


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