With more than 25 years working with businesses throughout the supply chain, we have honed our business system offerings to the needs of the following three industries:

We work with distributors of all shapes and sizes and they are all looking for the same improvements: lower stock levels, improved customer service, better stock accuracy. We have Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers who have needs for multi-client management and complex billing.


Food distributors who require product traceability and expiry date management with pick, pack and dispatch by delivery run using their own vehicles. Our AccellosOne Warehouse Management System offering covers the needs of a stock distributor and a 3PL.


For financial processing and customer relationship management (CRM) the WMS is often connected to an ERP system such as SAP Business One or NetSuite. Many distributors also deploy our Valogix solution for inventory planning and forecasting.

Balloon One has exceptional B2B ecommerce platform technology available and can deliver enterprise grade ecommerce web stores or portals for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to demanding timescales.


Our SAP Business One ecommerce integration capabilities furthermore ensure your Balloon B2B ecommerce investment is seamlessly linked right into the heart of your business systems. Improving real-time stock visibility, customer self-service account management and fast order processing.


Our Metapack integration also provides access to a multitude of shipping options and service levels. Balloon One can deliver your organisation an unrivalled fully integrated B2B web store or portal.

Many manufacturers are looking to take control of their operation through improved visibility of production data and shop floor processes. Quality control and compliance is increasingly important while the ability to produce configurable products is a key differentiator.


Our IT solutions for manufacturing customers cater for the needs of a simple assembly operation to the more complex needs of an engineer to order manufacturer working in the aerospace and defence industry. We also work with a number of contemporary product designers who outsource their manufacturing and concentrate on product design and distribution.


For simple assembly operations choose SAP Business One or NetSuite. For more complex manufacturing choose SAP Business One with our enhanced manufacturing module.

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